”Spelbildning” is Swedish for something that in English may be expressed as ”Gameducation”. Not in the sense of education about gaming, but how computer gaming relates to education (which is more than ”schooling”).

Spelbildning is basically live casted reflections concerning computer games, education and the role of School (as a societal instutution). For, and with, teachers, principals, scholars, consultants and other developers of society. Although we produce the shows in Swedish, our hope is to have many international guests. Hence this brief, but hopefully useful, description in English.

Spelbildning was launched in September 2011 by Richard Gatarski. In the blog post Spelbildning i kubik (google translated) Richard explains his background and his motives. These are, in short:

  • learn more about computer games. One thing he learned as a teacher (including as a university professor), is that the best way to learn is to teach about the subject. That is, by teaching you too learn.
  • to convey insights. Here from knowledge, experiences, research, crazy ideas for computer games in a School context.
  • provide room for experiments. Spelbildning becomes a platform to test and develop the possibilities and forms of live web tv productions.